Why Virtual?

Why Virtual?:

Internet publicity has become one of the main ways to get your book noticed and create buzz. A virtual book tour is the most efficient way for authors to get their book noticed.

Newspapers are experiencing declining circulation and downsizing or even eliminating their book sections. Serious readers must now rely more on the internet to find out about books that will interest them. Book blogs have become the new media.

While going on a regular book tour can be advantageous, they can cost a lot of time and money, going city to city. Virtual book tours are simply more cost and time effective.

Though we cannot guarantee all reviews will be positive, we can say that the book blogs we pick to host your tour give honest and balanced reviews. We will match your book with book bloggers who read and appreciate your specific genre book. For example, if your book is historical romance, we pick book blogs that read and enjoy historical romance. Premier Virtual Author Book Tours is dedicated to helping you get your book noticed online.