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  1. Hi Teddy,

    I would like to submit my novel for one of your virtual book tours. I’ve read the info. on your site, but still have some questions:

    1. How far in advance of the tour do I need to sign up?
    2. How far in advance of the tour do you need my book?
    3. I’m publishing in both paperback and Kindle formats. Is it alright to send you the Kindle form?
    4. Do your protocols allow for me going on two virtual book tours at the same time?
    5. Are there other limitations I need to know about?
    6. Should my book be live on Amazon before I sign up for or start the tour?
    7. Besides my book and payment, what else do I need to provide for the book tour?
    8. What is the cost of the various tours?

    Thank you,

    Elisabeth J. Potts

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