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Author Platform Consulting:

Do you know what an author platform is?  An author platform includes your entire online presence.  It can include your Amazon author page, website, blog , Goodreads (and sites like it), and your social media such as: Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc.

Are you sure your platform is working for you and making you shine as an author?  We have helped other authors with this and we can help you.

Social Media Package:

Are you struggling with your social media.  Do you have or want to start a Twitter account or Facebook account but not know how to go about it?  Do you know what kind of content to post or just wish someone would do it all for you.  We have helped authors with this and we can help you as well.

Just send us an email and tell us what you might need assistance with and we will send you our pricing and will answer your questions.



2 thoughts on “Social Media For Authors / Author Platform

  1. Would love to get more info on having someone handle the brunt of my social media posts and activities. Right now I am on Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, have a website and blog. I have a WordPress account, but have done little with it. I have two novel that I published on Amazon, two in editing, and three on the revision/first draft table. I’ve recently pulled my first published novel in order to format and promote before it goes live on Smashwords. I plan on doing the same with my second. I’d like to get both done before my Extinction Series is ready to publish. I work full time and write/edit/format/social media between 4am-6:30am, and 6:30pm-10:00pm. I’m exhausted. Would love a little help.


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