Elyse Douglas“What a delight it was to work with Teddy! She is professional, detailed, and communicative.  I look forward to working with her again.”-Elyse Douglas, Author of The Christmas Bridge

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Jamie Lisa Forbes“Maintaining a presence on social media in order to support the marketing of my books is nearly crushing when I am trying to juggle a “day” job and family.  And  I also want time to write!!  Teddy Rose has been a godsend to me.  Her knowledge of social media and author platforms is extremely.   I don’t have the time to investigate these avenues.  Her posting on my behalf always intuits my interests and my philosophies exactly as if she had sat next to me when I wrote my books.  Her representation of my books is as good, if not better, than what I can do myself.  I am always delighted when I access a post she has done for me and it is a perfect reflection of the landscapes and the ideals that my fiction represents. Her tours are excellent as well!  THANK YOU TEDDY!”-Jamie Lisa Forbes, Author of The Widow Smalls

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Zeena Nackerdien“I was not quite sure what to expect on my journey as a scientist/patient advocate-turned author. However, Teddy gave great support throughout the tour. After languishing unnoticed on the Amazon digital shelves, she amplified my voice through several blogs and made helpful suggestions to improve my author journey. Teddy’s thorough follow-ups and readiness to adapt at a moment’s notice ensured a successful tour. Thank you for lifting me out of the social media doldrums and into the spotlight. Here’s to many more virtual book tours.”-Zeena Nackerdien, Author of The Heroine Next Door

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Monday, Sunday“Teddy Rose and her team did a fantastic job putting the book tour together for my novel, ‘Monday, Sunday.’ Since I had never done a book tour, I didn’t know quite what to expect. Teddy was there every step of the way, explaining the process, clearly outlining the schedule and expectations at every point. She exceeded my expectations by putting together tour stops with bloggers who specialized in my genre. I was impressed by the quality of the bloggers who clearly had put time and thought into reading my novel, asking specific questions and offering their opinions. My favorite part was the interviews that were conducted. Such challenging and intriguing questions!  I’m grateful that Teddy took the time to connect me with these talented readers and bloggers.
I’d highly recommend Teddy’s services for anyone thinking of doing a tour. Not only is she the consummate professional, but I came to know her personally as well, and she is a kind, caring person whose thoughtfulness, wit, and insight show in everything she does.”-Fenton Grace, Author of Monday,Sunday

Frances Simone
“”Teddy’s tours are professional and well-organized. She keeps her clients informed throughout the tour, responds quickly, and supports her authors.”-Frances Simone, Ph.D, Author of Dark Wine Waters

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NR Bates“As a debut novelist my experience with a virtual book tour has been highly successful. Teddy is a delight to work with…she is very knowledgeable and wonderfully helpful during the coordination of the book tour (e.g., pre-tour preparations, reviews, interviews and posts, social media communications and giveaways). The purpose of my book tour was focused on improving new author exposure and visibility, and it achieved more than I expected. The highlight…Teddy was a gem to find. I highly recommend Premier Virtual Book Tours and I look forward to Teddy hosting my next books on future tours.”- NR Bates, Author of At the Sharp End of Lightning.

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Tegon Maus“I have had my share of book tours, interviews, radio spots, newspaper articles, public appearances and everything that lies in between when it comes to talking about my books. Everyone is tired of hearing yet again about my wonderful books. Friends pretend to not be home when I come to call… Jehovah Witnesses cross the street in an effort to avoid me. 

If you find yourself in this situation I highly recommend you contact Teddy Rose. Her service brought me fame and fortune… okay so you don’t know who I am so maybe not fame but with everything I’ve sold before her help I had no need to remove my shoes. After my last tour under her tutelage I sold hundreds of books !  This is no idle brag… my sales have never been what one might call robust but with Teddy Rose to help me on this last tour I literally saw my sales jump into the hundreds and hundreds.

Teddy is tenacious in her representation of my work and tireless in her efforts to promote me. She is an unstoppable engine of experience, a friend, and mentor.  She has gone to extraordinary lengths to accomplish this for me as well as those that seek her service. I cannot recommend her more highly or thank her deeply enough.

I still can’t see my friends and relatives… but the Jehovah Witnesses have started to come around again!”-Tegon Maus, Author of Service Before Self and Bob

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Adobe Photoshop PDF“Virtual Author Tours is an essential weapon in my marketing arsenal. The bloggers are top-notch and professional, and the tours are well-organized. Teddy Rose follows up on everything so that the author receives the tour he or she expects. I highly recommend Virtual Author Tours and look forward to contracting with the company on my next book.“-

NLB Horton, author of best-selling Kindle book When Camels Fly, and top 100 sub-genre book The Brothers’ Keepers.

A death in Vegas cover“For the modern author comes something called “the blog tour.” It’s a string of websites that rally around your new book. Day after business day, one website or another focuses on your book, and this can go on, ideally, for two weeks or more.

Managing such a thing is difficult, yet this is where Teddy Rose excels. She works with a number of reviewers and gets people to commit to either reviewing a book, interviewing the author, running a guest blog from the author, or otherwise mentioning the new book. Thus, when someone does a search on an author or looks for a review of the new book, a lot comes up.

I have come to admire the quality and insight from some of these reviewers, and I’d never be able to put together so much the way Teddy Rose does. I’ve used other, less expensive tour hosts, but Teddy brings much more to the table. She’s extremely organized and follows through on everything. I recommend her with enthusiasm.” –Christopher Meeks, author of A Death in Vegas and three other novels. 

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“Working with Teddy Rose for my two novels was a wonderful experience, for she was on top of things from the onset till the end of the book tour. She’s a great host, warm and caring.”-Khanh Ha, author of Flesh and The Demon Who Peddled Longing

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I Stand Corrected New Cover

“I was searching online for tools to market my first novel in English and I found Virtual Author Book Tours. I had no idea what a virtual tour would do for the book but after reading the testimonials, I signed up for it. I have to commend Teddy for the way she has everything so organized and is on top of schedules being met. She also offered valuable advice and encouragement. I would definitely use her services again as I feel that I got a lot of positive feedback for my novel and I think this is very important for an emerging author. PATRI “LA TRANQUI”.- Patricia Asedegbega, author of ‘I Stand Corrected.

“An author needs eyes on their book and reviews to draw in more readers. We all know how difficult it can be beyond family, friends coworkers and social networking. Sometimes all your efforts bring zero results. Teddy Rose has put together an amazing experience for authors with Virtual Author Book Tours.
If you’re still working the day job (or not), or just don’t have the funds it can be difficult to have book signings across the country. With Teddy Rose’s Virtual Author Book Tours you get the best of both worlds: book reviews from bloggers while you sit in front of your computer! How could that get better? This is my second book tour with Teddy and once again, it went off without a hitch. I love it when new readers discover my work, especially bloggers — they expand your audience exponentially  with their reviews.”Dawn Greenfield Ireland, author of Hot Chocolate, Bitter Chocolate, and The Puppy Baby Book

“It is my pleasure to recommend Teddy Rose and the services of Premier Virtual Author Book Tours. From my first contact to the recap email, Teddy was professional, organized, and always on top of each stop on the book blog tour. 

In the process of my book’s tour, we encountered two hosts that had extenuating circumstances are were unable to post reviews/giveaways on the pre-set date. Before the end of the day, Teddy had contacted the hosts, made alternate arrangements and had addressed the issue. All I had to do was sit back and watch Teddy work! After all the thought, planning, and stress involved in writing the novel, the book blog tour with Teddy was a breeze! 

I also found Teddy’s pricing to be fair and a solid investment for the amount of exposure my novel received. I highly recommend her services and plan to use them again.”- Stacy Overman Morrison, Author of Comfort of Fences

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“My virtual book tour was very well organised and fun to be part of as different bloggers across multiple genres read, reviewed and shared their opinions about my book. As a new author I gained many valuable reviews from respected reviewers across multiple countries, who actively used social media to share their opinions.

My book gained valuable reviews on Amazon and my guest posts were very well received, resulting in increased traffic to my webpage. In all, it was a great way for me to interact and share my story and I would like to thank Teddy and her amazing network of bloggers for all their help.”-Allistair McGuinness, Author of Round the Bend

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Whatever money I’ve spent, the advice and council of Teddy Rose has been worth it.  Even if there was no tour your warm friendly help has been well worth my investment.”-Chuck Gleason, Author of Collision Course

Chuck’s Website

“I have used several book tour companies, and Teddy Rose’s Premiere Virtual Author Book Tours is by far the most professionally run and organized. Teddy is a pleasure to work with, and she is on top of every single detail. If you are an author and want to get out word about your book, I highly recommend Teddy’s book tour services. I will be using her services again, and again, and again…

In fact, I was planning on doing another tour for books two and three of my Loving Husband Trilogy.”Meredith Allard, Author of Her Dear and Loving Husband
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“I thought the book tour was great. I couldn’t believe the positive response overall to my novel! It was incredible to have strangers who did not know my area or much about me or the story to enjoy it so. It reinforced something in me as a writer — that I can do it. I don’t always know but as I often say the proof is in the pudding. If people enjoy the story, it is that much closer to being a ‘real writer’ and that was my hope for the book tour.

I think the exposure has been very good. I look at the bloggers followers — have many, plus the additional comments on Goodreads and Amazon.

I think this is better than a book signing tour. Those days are probably disappearing for authors in general as social media dominants. It is an honest medium. 

I think you did a professional job, you were on top of everything and you steadily used social media. I appreciate that you will continue to do so as there are other possible reviews. It has been wonderful to work with you.”-Kimberly Young, Author of The Eight Wonder

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“I’ve just completed my second blog tour set up by Teddy Rose’s Premier Virtual Book Tours for my new middle grade novel, The Dogs of Winter. As before, Teddy selected wonderful, well-targeted bloggers and was very well organized. She was mindful of my time and kept the tour fun for me! I have no doubt I’ll use Premier Virtual Book Tours again for my next book!”-Bobbie Pyron, Author of The Dogs of Winter


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Authors need buzz to get their books noticed, so I was thrilled with the book blog tours arranged by Teddy Rose of Premier Virtual Author Book Tours for two of my historical sagas. Teddy is thorough, organized, and professional, always staying on top of things and keeping me in the loop as well. She enthusiastically uses an extensive variety of social media to further promote the books and blogs. Her selection of bloggers has brought international attention to my novels, and plenty of new fans. Authors need people like Teddy Rose!”-Gabriele Wills, author of Elusive Dawn

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Working with Teddy Rose was a wonderful experience, for she was on top of things from the onset till the end of the book tour. She’s a great host, warm and caring.”-Khanh Ha, author of Flesh

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“Teddy, muchas gracias for organizing a great tour. You did a fantastic job and handled all the logistics I simply could not and would not want to do. ” I would definitely recommend your services to other authors.”-Elizabeth Nelson, Author of Curiosity Killed the Kat

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“I can only rave about how great it was to work with Teddy on my blog tour. I really appreciated how organized she is and how much easier she made the entire process for me. I also know that a lot of people will not review self-pubbed titles. Working with Teddy gave me an “in” on a lot of blog sites that otherwise would not have looked twice at my book. I definitely plan to work with Teddy on future blog tours.”-Camille Picott, author of Sulan.



“Being part of “Virtual Author Book Tours” was the best decision I made as an author and book marketer.  I had no idea what to expect — I just knew that I had a wonderful book and it needed exposure.  Teddy Rose supplied that— and so much more.  From the very beginning, she guided me through the process (since this was my first virtual tour) and helped me every step of the way.  I got 41 online reviews — and thousands of hits.  I have a new book coming out — and, believe me, I am going to use her skills again.  She is absolutely terrific.”Jeff Johnson, author of Things Your Dog Doesn’t Want You To Know.

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“Teddy Rose was an outstanding virtual blog tour organizer. She discovered some wonderful blogger hosts for my book, THE RELUCTANT MATCHMAKER, who in turn brought the book plenty of online publicity. I highly recommend Teddy’s virtual tour services.”–Shobhan Bantwal, author of The Reluctant Matchmaker

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“I have to tell you I was very pleased with Premier Virtual Author Book Tour.  Unlike another internet ad campaign I had used, this one did a better job of promoting the most important piece of information  about my book, which is the award.

The reviews were very moving.  Most of them were well thought out and well done.  I was very impressed.  I was impressed with this service.  I would use it again.–Jamie Lisa Forbes, author of Unbroken

Jamie Lisa Forbe’s Website

“As an author of a new novel, I had been searching for a way to get my name out there and to get exposure for Hot Chocolate, my wickedly funny cozy mystery novel. One of my friends mentioned a virtual book tour. I had never heard of such a thing, so I went to the Internet and searched. I am so happy that I went with Premier Virtual Author Book Tours for my first tour! Teddy Rose is a whirlwind of a tour operator. She takes control quickly, lines up the bloggers, keeps everyone on track for their tour dates, and she coached me as to what I needed to do and provide. Every single review was fantastic with the majority of reviewers saying they laughed out loud reading Hot Chocolate, and felt like they could sit down with any of my characters and have a conversation. Teddy picked the very best when she chose these bloggers. I enjoyed the interviews and question and answer sessions. It was a lot of fun reading questions and providing answers.

In the month-long tour, I had the chance to get to know this wonderful lady named Teddy Rose, and can honestly say I have made a friend for life! I highly recommend Premier and Teddy Rose. It’s all about personal service and heart. Teddy has all of that and more.”- –Dawn Ireland, author of Hot Chocolate

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I am very pleased with the tour.  I think you, in particular, did an excellent job not only setting things up quickly and efficiently, but also managing the communications, interviews, and guest posts between me and the reviewers and fielding questions whenever I had them.  Your responses were always prompt and amiable.

 Thanks for everything!”-Jonathan Cook, author of Youth and Other Fictions

Jonathan’s Website

“I hired Teddy Rose’s Premier Virtual Author Book Tours to set up a blog tour for me six months after my novel, A DOG’S WAY HOME, came out. I wanted to give my book a little extra boost after the initial release publicity had died down. Teddy did a fantastic job picking bloggers that fit my specific needs–mainly bloggers who had a significant teacher and librarian following. She was extremely well organized and got the needed information to me in a timely manner. And the tour was a lot of fun!”-Bobbie Pyron, author of A Dog’s Way Home
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“Okay so The Raie’Chaelia blog tour ended on September 1st and I have to say that the month of August during this tour has been so much fun!  I loved reading the reviews of bloggers who took the time to read the novel and comment on it.  Not only were these reviews extremely helpful in getting the word out about my book, they were also very constructive, teaching me about my writing habits and what I may want to fine tune as I write the second book of the trilogy.

The blog tour itself was a complete success!  I highly recommend, for both publishers and indie authors, to seek the services of Teddy Rose’ Premier Virtual Author Blog Tours!  Before the tour started, I had maybe one or two sales during the first two months the book was live. 

The fact of the matter is, it’s hard when you are first starting out and no one knows you.  It takes time and work to build an author platform and the more help you can get from friends, family, and colleagues, the better.  So during the month of August, the blog tour really helped … a lot.  Not only did I see a jump in sales, I had over 200 people contact me through my website, asking if they could review my book as well, which of course I happily let them and am still receiving reviews from these readers. 

Overall, though, this month of August was great!  I am so looking forward to finishing the next two books of the trilogy and to starting their subsequent blog tours.”-Melissa Douthit, author of Raie’Chaelia

Melissa Douthit’s Website

“Hi Teddy,
With the blog tour at an end, I wanted to express my thanks to you for your skill and efficiency at putting the tour together.  India Black had been on the shelves for ten weeks when we started the tour, and it was the perfect time to get some fresh coverage for the book on new blogs.  I’m particularly pleased with the blogs you selected to host the tour.  While each of the bloggers have an interest in a specific genre, all are well-read across a variety of genres and were receptive to the historical fiction/mystery/romp with elements of romance which is India Black. 
I was pleased, too, with the large number of followers of these blogs, ensuring that India got exposure to new readers.  The bloggers did a wonderful job of asking interesting questions or proposing interesting topics for guest blogs, which gave me the opportunity to share my views of the historical era and India’s character.  As one of those obsessive types who value organization, calendars, and to-do lists, I was thrilled at how rapidly you put together the tour and the schedule of posts you provided me, along with a list of special topics each blogger wanted to cover.  In short, I couldn’t be happier with the way things turned out, and I would not hesitate either to use your services again or to recommend you to other writers considering a blog tour.”-Caral Carr, author of India Black
Carol Carr’s Website
“Once you have written your novel, how do you get others to read it? My top tip for busy authors: let Teddy take the strain! Premier Virtual Author Blog Tours will locate reviewers and bloggers that suit your kind of writing and subject matter, people who have lots of followers and who will blog about, it, tweet about it and mention it on other social media sites, as well. What could be easier than that!’ 

‘With its wide range of contacts and experience in the blogging community, and a quick, efficient service, Premier Virtual Author Blog Tours will promote your interests and tell the world about that masterpiece of yours – leaving you with more time to get on with your next one!’

‘I’m a fan of Premier Virtual Author Blog Tours. They sorted some great publicity for me. Thank you Teddy for all your hard work in promoting my book and getting the word out. Marvelous!’

‘Premier Virtual Author Blog Tours. Top people for generating some serious ‘buzz’ about your book. Go for it!”–Robert Parry, author of The Arrow Chest 

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