Glenn Snyder, Author of One Moment In Time: On Tour

Publisher: Bear Moose Press, February 23, 2012
Category: Literary Fiction, Political, Suspense/Thriller
Tour Dates: November, 2012
Available in: Print, 270 pages

On a stormy November evening, Jack Barrett had plans to treat his best friend Travis to a night of fine dining and jazz. As they neared their destination, a truck ran a red light, plowing through Jack’s car, and changing his life forever. Jack found a new outlook on life, and took on adventures that made him one of the world’s most admired people. With each step, Jack grew as a person and a leader; piecing together a family from different corners of the world, while risking himself and his family to save others. Jack’s impact on the world was like no other, but in the end, when the lights and the cameras were gone, Jack was about to die, or was he? Prepare yourself for a surprising ending that questions the very nature between life and death, reality and dream.

Praise for One Moment In Time:

“This was a fun and entertaining book to read. Snyder did a great job bringing his characters to life through a storyline that keeps you captively enthralled.  Can’t miss read. Highly recommend!”- Hornet, Amazon Reviewer

“Exciting and Imaginative, One Moment in Time is a creative view of global politics through the eyes of Jack Barrett, a character we not only like, but can relate to. Jack’s journey takes us through laughter and sadness, suspense and joy, only to be blown away by a surprise ending. A quick and fun read that everyone will enjoy.”- Moose, Amazon Reviewer

“Fun and Inspirational – Highly Recommended: One Moment in Time is a great read that is full of adventures and sub-plots that keep the story moving. It’s very inspiring and gives the reader a sense of what the world could be with leaders who are more intrested in what’s right than their own personal power. This story takes a unique approach with a shocking ending that makes it a must read.”- Antler, Barnes and Noble Reviewer

“A must read for all!  One Moment in Time is a quick and uplifting story that will make you laugh and cry. Glenn Snyder’s portrayal of how one person can impact the world provides inspiration for today’s times.”- Seymore,  Barnes and Noble Reviewer

” I laughed, I (almost) cried. Great story, even though I hated to think/find out that the one moment in time had other options besides the one I had been pulling for throughout most of the book. The truth can hurt. I loved the way that Jack was easy to pull for, easy to love. His life seemed an example of “good things happen to good people” instead of the good die young.  I enjoyed the way Snyder painted such vivid pictures of Jack’s surroundings; the storm and the accident were dramatic – almost as if in slow motion.”- Monica L. Austin, Amazon Reviewer

“If you’re looking for an easy summer read, One Moment in Time IS your book!!!  I found a bit of everything in this story – it was warm, exciting, funny, and inspirational.  Reading this book reminded me of how one person can truly make a difference – whether in another’s life or in the lives of many. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a good story that does have a shocking end.”- Theodora, Goodreads Reviewer

“I got One Moment in Time by winning a Goodreads contest. The book started quickly and hooked me right away. I won’t post a spoiler here but will say the author does a good job by the end of the book making the reader contemplate how his actions in life effect those around him. Every action you take in life has an impact on those around you. A “ripple in the water” if you will. I enjoyed it and would recommend it to others.”- Lisa Welsh, Goodreads Reviewer

” One Moment in Time takes us to interesting places with well developed characters. The description of foreign locations is authentic and we never expect the surprise ending.  It’s a fast reading book, written with great imagination.”- Ellen Ann, Smashwords Reviewer

About Glenn Snyder:

Glenn Snyder grew up in Marin County, a few miles north of the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco. After graduating from UCLA, Glenn worked as a finance professional. In 2001, Glenn earned his MBA from the University of San Francisco.  Shortly after his MBA, Glenn pursued two of his dreams, teaching and writing, while still working full time. For five years, Glenn taught Finance at San Francisco State University, while he also wrote the first draft of One Moment in Time. In May of 2011, Glenn published his first novel, One Moment in Time. Glenn is currently a Finance Director and is working on his second novel.

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